"Cairo has this amazing ability to draw people in."

"Cairo was insightful and thoughtful...she has this amazing ability to draw people to herself while at the same time being able to relate to people of different backgrounds." --K.M.

"Ms. Eubanks demonstrated exceptional research skills."

"Ms. Eubanks demonstrated competence in administrative responsibilities, exceptional research skills, and effective communication in the tasks undertaken. Her core function involved the research and drafting of my e-book on Political and Constitutional Reform in the Caribbean, which was completed in a timely manner and to my satisfaction. Ms. Eubanks has demonstrated that she is a person of integrity. She is reliable and time conscious." --A.M.

"Cairo used innovative resources to keep students engaged."

"Cairo demonstrated a commitment to our school's mission to break the cycle of poverty in India through education. She taught 9th grade literature, 3rd grade computers, and several other classes where she showcased her ability to engage with and empower youth, even coordinating a weekly public speaking workshop with the 9th graders whee students were given the opportunity to practice writing and delivering speeches in a supportive and encouraging setting. In the classroom, she used innovative resources to keep students engaged, and sought to link discussion to real-world issues, such as discrimination and prejudice." --K.Y.


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